The 2D Chumps Format

  • Flight To No Music 

    flight to no music

    A 3 minute set where you fly and there's no music playing......except in your head. 

  • offSET Manoeuvres 

    offset manoeuvres

    5 random acts of 2D

  • Mime & Fly

    mime and fly

    New for 2016!!!! The mime and fly!  Try and escape the box, walk against the wind or pull a rope while simultaneously trying your best 2D manoeuvres!  

Medway massive 2D chumps

Free tuning sessions with resident Pros

Don't know your macrocells from your arsehole?  Did all your RC input packets fall out in flight?  Whatever your setup issues there will be professionals on hand to get your chocks away!!

Medway massive 2D chumps

Free styling session with Medway's answer to Vidal 

Can't quite get that perm to last?  Fro lost its glow? Are your Plaits in a twist?  Scott 'Leaving Sassoon' Willcocks will be here to give you the hair you've only dreamed of (See the Video Gallery to watch him in action).

Medway massive 2D chumps

At 'The Massive' everyone's a chump.

Whatever your skill level you can rest assured that here at 'The Massive' we will treat you with the utmost disgust and disrespect.

See this twat here.  Just landed side-on and look how smug he is.  What a nob.

  • Why Us?

    What have you got to lose? 

  • Demos

    Expect to be dazzled by the gravity-defying 2D stunts of veteran RC pilot Dean 'Overspeed King' Tamsett (dszabo to most). 


    Insert Generic RC 3D God name here

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

  •  Facilities

    None.  But there is a Morrisons down the road for all your catering and toilet requirements.......and possibly a disposable BBQ.....possibly.